Aquila AQ72U Red Series Tenor Low G (single)

Aquila AQ72U Red Series Tenor Low G (single)
Aquila AQ72U Red Series Tenor Low G (single)

Aquila AQ72U Red Series Tenor Low G (single)

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Aquila's Red strings produce a deeper tone by changing the weight of the material rather than increasing its gauge. By keeping the gauge thinner and more consistent, Red® strings sound brighter and more powerful, and are more responsive across the entire fretboard. This also helps them stay in tune longer than thicker strings. The textured brown/red Red® strings have a very rich tone with a very loud projection.

Joel Carr

Owner, UkuleleMate

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  • Series
    Red Series
  • Size
  • Tuning
    Tenor Low G - Unwound
  • Tone
    Bright Metallic
  • Popularity
Included add ons
Colours & Materials
  • Colour
  • Material
    Secret formula
  • String Gauge
  • Durability
    Low to Medium
  • Feel
    Metallic Wound
  • Made In

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael Pickford
Keeps the Ukeyness with a low G sound

Aquila Red low G. It looks great, sounds great, if you have two ukes of the same size you should definitely get one on Aquila Red low G.
The strings have less stickiness than some others and are silky smooth, they feel luxurious to touch. Fingerpicking softly produces beautiful tones too so you don't have to play loud to get the best out of these strings, play the strings gently and you'll be rewarded with pure tones. You get a more guitary sound on your uke though it still retains it's Ukeyness which works well on most songs especially if you're playing rock songs uke style. Keep in mind some songs with single notes (stairway to heaven intro) sound wrong with a low G so you have to adjust to the right octave on occasions to make some songs learnt in high G play well. I love these Aquila Red low G strings, I can't stop buying them

Mark Russell
Great Service but product not too good

UkuleleMate provides a wonderful shopping experience. Service is excellent and delivery is the quickest I have experienced. Unfortunately, and through no fault of UkuleleMate the 4 x red low G strings I purchased had a problem. Two of them snapped within minutes of installing. You might say that maybe I over tightened them to tune to high G, but no that was not the case. I used a Chromatic tuner. Third attempt is holding well.
Still, I am very happy with the products and service of UkuleleMate and will definitely use their services and products again.

Linley McGlashan
Low G ukelele strings (Aqila Red Series)

I appreciated the prompt delivery of my order, and the chance to try out the Nami strings. Having used the low G option for some time for my ukelele, I now prefer that setup. The Aquila Red series string seems to have a good tone and performs well with the other strings.