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If you have bought an electric uke, you must have a ukulele amp. It's a no brainer. There is no excuse not to grab one given their incredible affordability. They take your ukulele to a another level and open up so many new avenues in terms of sound.

Our Aroma amps are vintage inspired, with wooden panelling, threaded vinyl grills, and angled speaker faces. They are more than amps - they are pieces of furniture. And they sound great too. Plug in your uke and choose from a range of settings: raise that bass, or add some reverb. With the AG-15A and 26A, you have the option to play music over your phone via Bluetooth. You can even do both simultaneously - that is, use Bluetooth and amplify your uke.

These guys are rechargeable and have outstanding battery life. They are portable, lightweight, and make things easy with a comfy carry strap. 

If you have an electric uke, one of these amps in the collection here will be ideal. Oh, and make sure to pick up a cable too!