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If your thinking of quality when it comes to stringed instruments, there’s no doubt, Cordoba is always included on top of the list. Founded in 1997, Cordoba is best known for their nylon-stringed classical guitars. Coming from the same tradition of making high-quality guitars, Cordoba also manufactures highly regarded ukuleles. And because of that, they have gained many loyal followers in the ukulele community.

Cordoba Ukuleles are beautiful. They masterfully pair different tonewoods and make well-informed decisions when it comes to binding, rosettes, and other ornamentations. From an aesthetics point of view alone, Cordoba are worth considering. They sound great too. Typically strung with robust nylons, they are responsive and crisp and definitely hark back to a classical guitar tradition.

Cordoba Ukulele has won the hearts of many musicians. Why not? With their gorgeous designs and impeccable quality, you’ll just love Cordoba ukuleles once you try them. If you scour the web for Cordoba ukulele review, all you could find are positive feedback from satisfied customers. Now, to help you choose the ukulele that best meets your needs, we’ve selected the best selling Cordoba Ukuleles in the market and put them all in one page. Have a go and browse through each model and pick the right one for you!