Joining a Ukulele Adelaide Group is a Must

By now, you will have seen the ukulele movement sweep across Australia. Adelaide is no exception with ukulele groups popping up all across the city. With the laid back nature of the Adelaide community, it's no wonder the ukulele has become a hit in the Festival State.

Adelaide Ukulele Appreciation Society

The main uke group in Adelaide is the "Adelaide Ukulele Appreciation Society". Founded in 2007 and consisting of a wide range of ages and skill, the society often gets up to 200 strummers attending events around South Australia. It's an informal setting which keeps the mood light and fun.

Choosing a Ukulele Before Joining the Adelaide Ukulele Groups

It all comes down to budget and experience. If you are new to the Adelaide ukulele scene, you could dip your toes in the water with a ukulele in the $100-120 range. Next price range is $120-200 in which you can get yourself a Bondi concert ukulele which we highly recommend. A uke of this quality combined with the knowledge of the folks down at the Adelaide Ukulele Appreciation Society will have you playing like a pro in no time at all!

Get Off Ya Couch Tour Starts in Adelaide

Each year, the Cairns Ukulele Festival takes place up in sunny Queensland. Leading up to the festival, a group of folks get together and tour the country on the “Get Off Ya Couch Tour”. Each year the ukulele tour starts in Adelaide and travels a crazy 6,600 km promoting the festival. The tour travels past all the “big attractions” of Australia such as the big banana, the big lobster, the big prawn and more. The tour promotes the festival and also getting off the couch and enjoying life and what better way to get the message across than to drag along a massive 4.2m couch and 3m ukulele behind the bus! Keep an eye out for the ukulele tour starting in Adelaide each year.

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