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It is hard to define "intermediate" in reference to ukulele playing. It is one of the vaguest, yet most popularly used terms, when talking about music. So, what is an intermediate ukulele?

The ukuleles in this collections page are those that we think are intermediate. They are ukuleles suitable for players that have been playing ukulele for at least a few weeks or months, have a fair grip on chords and notes, and are starting to get a sense of what the ukulele is about. An intermediate player - in my opinion - should be able to discern between models based on touch and feel and say, "hmm I think this one sounds a little brighter" or "wow, these strings make a big difference". It's kind of like a spidey-sense, but for ukes. Now, this is not a hard and fast rule, but I think it helps.

Intermediate players typically have an idea of what they after. They have graduated from their first uke - or already have some musical experience - and a cheap beginner uke will no longer cut it. Chances are, you find yourself in this category. Many of our customers are returning to music after a hiatus, or have some knowledge from their childhood. They might already play guitar or piano and have a grip on music theory. They may have recently bought their first ukulele only last week - likely a cheap plastic one from a discount store - and already have outgrown it. These are the sorts of people that I think an intermediate ukulele serves best. People in a period of transition. 

Thankfully, here at UkuleleMate our range of ukes is ever-expanding. There is no shortage of options for intermediate players. I recommend using the filters in the sidebar to help narrow some options. I can also be worth messaging our customer service team if you are having troubles deciding. These guys have played almost every uke in the store!

- Joel Carr, Owner, UkuleleMate