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The kalimbas here at Ukulelemate are some of our most loved instruments. And for good reason. Kalimbas are made for everyone - kids and adults alike - and are among the easiest instruments to pick up. Of course, becoming a master is another story, but from a non-musician's perspective, kalimbas are far from daunting. This is because all their prongs are tuned to the key of C major. No matter what you play - no matter the rhythm or note - it'll sound right. They are lots of fun.

Kalimbas are also known as a mbiras or finger harps. Strictly speaking, the mbira is an instrument that originates from Zimbabwe and is not exactly the same as a kalimba, but they two share similarities. A series of metal tines are attached to a body of wood which amplifies the sound.

When played, the kalimba produces a warm and mellow sound that can be enjoyed by all. At times it is reminiscent of a wind chime, but almost any song can be played on it with enough practice. If you are looking for an interesting and unique musical experience, Kalimba is definitely worth checking out. You may be surprised at how much you love it!