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Welcome to our collection page for experienced players! Here we have collated ukuleles that we believe are ideal for the enthusiasts among us. Maybe you have been playing ukulele for a few months or years. Maybe you are a quick learner and want to upgrade asap. Maybe you want to explore exotic tonewoods and get a different sound out of your instrument. Maybe your concert laminate no longer cuts it. Regardless, you have come to the right place.

When I speak with experienced players in our shop, I don't have to do too much talking. The ukes do the work. Experienced players typically know what they are after and are happy to try out a few options. 

From experience, I find people at the pointy stage in their ukulele journey typically look for quality. Price is sometimes out of the picture. Any from $300 up is on the table, and often this extends into four digits. I find any Bondi, Kala, aNueNue, or Ohana in this range is worth considering. I see a lot of tenors sell. A lot of baritones too. Our resonators and banjos are also big winners. Exotic tonewoods draw a lot of attention, especially our solid top and body ukuleles. But that doesn't mean you cannot find a suitable ukulele in laminate at an affordable price. Anything in this collection is perfect for experienced players. Have a browse and keep your mind open.

- Joel Carr, Owner, UkuleleMate