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aNueNue Ukuleles are big hitters in the ukulele game. They design and produce some of the best instruments around. Their ukuleles feature premium materials, such as graded and seasoned tonewoods, fluorocarbon strings, and sleek gloss or satin finishes. For a flourish of luxury, some of aNueNue's uke feature slotted headstocks, ribbony body bindings, and quarter moon rosewood bridges. You are getting the absolute best with aNueNue.

With a team of master luthiers, you can be sure that each aNueNue ukulele is made with precision and care. The action is reliable, the intonation is perfect, and the sound crystal clear and melodic. The shape and build of their ukuleles tends to set aNueNue apart from the rest. When you pick up one of these stunning four-strings, you struggle to put them down, let alone consider the thought of playing something else. Their wide bouts make them comfortable to hold and easy to play. Their necks are matte and sometimes slightly depressed to make movement up and down the fretboard all that bit easier. 

Here at UkuleleMate, the range of aNueNue is ever increasing. Whether you're a beginner, an experienced player, an aficionado, a collector, or just someone looking for a gift for a loved one, these ukuleles will not disappoint. What's more, each aNueNue comes with a protective soft bag and a fist full of accessories. Things couldn't get much better. If you are looking for a high-end uke - something that will last a lifetime - aNueNue will not dissapoint. Get yours today!