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We stock over sixty varieties of ukulele strings across six brands. If you are after a specific set, chances are we have it or stock something quite similar. Browse our range or ask our team for a second opinion.

If you are beginner and need some new strings, don't worry too much about what you are getting. The priority is to get you back up and playing asap. Go for some NAMI or Bondi strings. These will do the job.

If you are looking for a more informed decision, it is worth considering what sort of sound you are after. A change in strings actually affects the sound of a uke a lot. In fact, a good set of strings can turn a half decent uke into something stage ready.

Here's a quick guide:

Fluorocarbon strings are the cleanest sounding. They are transparent, soft, and by far the easiest to fret. They output the organic sound of the instrument. They are often described as smooth, bright, and crisp. 

Nylon or nylgut strings are a bit muddier. They are opaque white, hard, and are the most common strings you will find. Most ukes use nylon because they reflect the traditional jangly ukulele sound. They are often described as warm, mellow, and punchy.

Aquila Reds are the third most distinctive type. They are among a range of strings that contain varying percentages of metal to give the sound a heavier, deeper sound. The reds are, unsurprisingly, a red colour. They are often described as powerful, consistent, and idiosyncratic.

If you are on the fence, pick one of the three above. None of the strings we stock are bad. They are in our inventory because customers keep returning to buy them. They are tried and tested. And, worse comes to worse, if you dislike what you picked, that's fine. Strings are pretty cheap. Choose something else.