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The Banjo Ukulele, also known as the banjolele, combines the best of both worlds. It's a four-string banjo at a concert sized ukulele scale. The nylon strings and remo skin drumhead give the instrument that distinctive banjo sound - twangy, bouncy, and bright. It conjures thoughts of rough country, grassy fields, and the sweet life on the road. 

Bondi are the main players in the Banjo Ukulele game and where I'd put my money. Their Bluegrass banjolele plays as good as any. You would have never believed a uke could sound so different and so charming.

If you are looking for a change, the Banjo Ukulele is worth a shot! The tuning is identical to that of a standard ukulele, which means if you know how to play the uke, you will have no trouble becoming a pro on its banjo cousin. You do get a little more versatility with the banjolele given the percussive implications of the remo skin and control over the intonation - more tricks to learn, I suppose. Grab one today!