Choosing The Most Suitable Ukulele In Sydney

Sydney is the ideal culture, climate and lifestyle for playing the ukulele. Long has Sydney been a city with a strong beach and music culture. The Ukulele Sydney crowd can be seen on any given day down at Bondi beach strumming away. Before you go and find a Ukulele Sydney store, think about where you will be playing your ukulele. Will you be indoor or outdoor, on stage or around the campfire? Will you be travelling with your uke or keeping it safely at home in Sydney? There are many kinds of ukuleles, be sure to talk to our staff about the most suitable instrument for a Sydney ukulele player. If you're new to ukulele, check out this guide for best ukulele for beginners.

Beach Culture Make Ukuleles Popular in Sydney

Most sydney ukulele players will need a versatile ukulele which can be used at home, on the beach or whilst travelling. We recommend the Bondi brand for Ukulele Sydney players, they are great quality, built to last and can handle some roughness. All the while, the Bondi ukes sound awesome, we highly recommend them for the ukulele crowd in Sydney.

Sydney Humidity

Something to consider when buying a ukulele is the humidity of your area. Whilst Sydney is a humid climate, it falls in a fairly safe range for ukuleles. The biggest concern with ukuleles is dry air. If a solid wood uke is exposed to really dry air for extended periods of time, it can start to damage the wood. A ukulele in Sydney wont have this concern because their is enough moisture in the air to stop the uke wood from drying out. For a Sydney ukulele player, you have very few concerns with the weather.

If you live in the Brisbane and are looking for ukulele information, check out our Ukulele Brisbane page which has all the delivery information for Brisbane and QLD.

Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival

Each year, hundreds of Ukulele Sydney players will gather in the Blue Mountains for the annual festival. It is held in February each year and takes a couple of hours to drive their from Sydney. depending on where you are located. Its well worth the visit.