Ukulele Bags & Cases

Just like any other musical instruments, your much loved ukulele needs proper protection from dents and dings, especially when traveling. If you want your ukulele to last a lifetime, then you need to get a nice ukulele case or a gig bag. The good news is, we’ve got all you need here at Ukulelemate when it comes to protecting your smallest member of the family. 

We have ukulele cases available that come with a strong exterior which is exactly what you need to keep your expensive uke from any damage. They have great neck support to protect the vulnerable part of the ukulele plus a premium plush soft interior. Each ukulele case comes with a free ukulele humidifier.

We’ve also got plenty of ukulele gig bags on offer. You don’t want to travel with a heavy load with the cost of airline baggage these days! So a lightweight yet sturdy gig bag is ideal to take in carry-on luggage. You’ll see lot of gig bags online these days but nothing compares to the stylish design, durability and expert craftsmanship of the Bondi ukulele gig bags. They are hands down the best ukulele gig bags in the world and wont cost you an arm or a leg. Check them out below. 

Oh, before we forget. You better check out the Bondi bag’s 17 killer tail kicking innovative upgrades to find out why they stand out from the rest. You’ll love it. (And did I say they look really darn good?!).

A ukulele is an investment. It can last for years or even a lifetime if you know how to take care of it. And one way to keep that little bugger away from harm is to get a ukulele bag or a case. With proper care and love, there’s no reason your ukulele shouldn’t last long enough for your grandchildren to play.

You don’t have to jump from one store to another to look for different ukulele cases and bags for your uke. We’ve got you all covered from the smallest size to the bigger ones. Choose from any of the colorful bag designs that will suit with your personality. You’ll love all the special features of our ukulele gig bags, guaranteed!