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Are you a guitarist wanting to make the jump into the ukulele world? Check out our Baritone Ukuleles! Not only will our baritones help you transition smoothly from one instrument to another, but it's also tuned DGBE exactly like the top four strings of a guitar and a fourth down from the more common GCEA tuning. So don't let your fingers dawdle around too long—switch up your sound and pick up one our baritone ukuleles today!

Is baritone ukulele good for beginners? If you're a first-time ukulele player, the baritone size is worth considering! Not only does it make for an easy start but its larger fretboard can accommodate those with long or thick digits. All sizes of this stringed instrument are beginner friendly so don't be afraid to experiment until you find your perfect match!

With warm tones and easy-to-play strings, it'll give an all-new twist to whatever songs you decide to strum along to. It won't take you long to realize why this baritone just sounds better with each tune. Our collection of baritone ukuleles are the perfect size for guitarists looking to make the easy transition into the world of ukuleles. So why wait? Pick up our baritone ukuleles now and get free bonus pack worth $150!