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Are you looking for a bass ukulele? Look no further. We’ve got you all covered. There are many bass ukuleles on the market but we only chose what we think is the best value for your money.
A few things to note on bass ukes. Firstly, they ukes have two main string types: wound or the spaghetti-esque thunderguts. The latter aren't too dissimilar in sound to the heavy meanderings of the stand up double bass. Another thing to consider is the tuning. Bass ukes are tuned like bass guitars, not like classic ukuleles.

We stock several U-Bass models including the Kala U-BASS models and also the more affordable Bondi U-Bass models. Both brands have an incredible low end which really surprised us when we played them. It's mind-blowing when you consider that they have a scale length of only 21 inches. This is a great gift for a bass player, don't be surprised if this becomes their weapon of choice!