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Are you looking for a bright, warm-sounding instrument that’s perfect for beginner and seasoned ukulele players alike? Look no further than our selection of concert ukuleles! With our instruments, you can enjoy full-bodied sound with a distinctly “twangy” feel.

Concert ukuleles were developed in the 1920s as an upgrade to their smaller (but still popular) soprano counterparts. A standard concert is 58.4cm in length – approximately two inches longer than a soprano ukulele – while the tuning remains GCEA like the other two models.

The advantage of this extra length is that it not only increases the resonance, but also creates larger finger spacing between frets: perfect if you have bigger hands! And yet despite these slight differences, concert ukuleles remain conveniently portable, making them ideal for taking on trips and sharing with others.

At Ukulelemate, we understand the importance of quality when it comes to finding your perfect concert ukulele. That’s why all of our instruments come from the top brands around. So don’t wait any longer to join in on all the fun - find your very own concert ukulele today!