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The capo is an essential tool for any ukulele player. It sits across the fretboard and raises the pitch of your instrument. This makes it possible to play songs in different keys with open chords. This is particularly helpful when you want to cover a musician who prefers different tunings. 

Our selection of capos covers all bases. Our Bondi capos are super easy to use and specially made for ukuleles. They simply clamp onto the fretboard. They are durable and will not damage your ukulele or its strings.

The Shubb capos have a different mechanic and are little trickier to use. The clamp pressure can be adjusted with a rubber capped screw. This means you can customise it for different sized and shaped necks. The great benefit of the Shubb capos is how easy they are to take off. They have a quick release lever which allows you to release that pressure and change frets with ease. Like Bondi, they are designed for ukes and will not harm your instrument in the slightest.

We have a bunch of colours and styles to pick from. Add one to your arsenal today.