The ultimate ukulele buyer's guide

Having trouble finding the ukulele that works for you? Chances are you don’t just want anything that works. You are looking for the perfect ukulele.

We know that buying a ukulele online can be tricky, especially if you don’t have the expertise. You might also be wondering whether you’ll really be able to learn it or if it’s just going to sit there taking up space.

Well, we’re here to help.

In this 4-step guide, you’ll learn everything you need to pick the ukulele you’ll love and constantly want to practice on.

It just takes 5-10 mins.

Let’s get started!

How it works


Sizes & sounds

Learn about and pick the perfect ukulele size for you to learn and have fun on.


Shapes and styles

Choose the shape or style (classic, pineapple or electric) you like the most.



Understand how woods/materials affect sound and pick your favourite.


Pick yours

Take a look at the ukuleles we’ve selected for you and get yours!


Understanding the sizes





20 inches


For beginners, small hands, twangy sound

This is the smallest size. Soprano ukuleles have that distinctive “twangy” sound that people associate the ukulele with. It has 12-15 frets, is portable and suitable for almost all beginners.

I want a Soprano

Next: pick the shape or style you like

22 inches


For bigger hands, versatile sound

The advantages of the concert size is the wider range of sound. It remains portable and has the traditional twangy ukulele tone.

I want a Concert

Next: pick the shape or style you like

26 inches


For bigger hands, deeper sound, gigs

At this size, the instrument sound begins to change. You will experience a deeper tone with the tenor as compared to the concert and soprano. It also has more frets.

I want a Tenor

Next: pick the shape or style you like

30 inches


For experienced players, low and mellow tone

This is the largest of the 4 ukuleles and has the deepest tone. The baritone requires different tuning compared to the others.

I want a Baritone

Next: pick the shape or style you like

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