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Are you a lefty and you’re looking for a left handed ukulele for sale online? Look no further, we’ve got your back. You see, there’s only a handful of ukulele manufacturers who build ukulele for left handers. They are hard to find so some players use their ingenuity to make some adjustments playing the right-handed ukuleles. Either they go with the flow and play it right-handed, learn to play the chords upside down, or they flip the string order of a right-handed uke into a left handed ukulele string order. It is certainly quite difficult to play this way.

Here at Ukulelemate, we don’t want anyone to get left behind. We want our lefty friends to enjoy playing the ukulele without any hassle. So we decided to offer left handed ukes from Bondi Ukuleles. Bondi Ukuleles is an Australian brand. They’ve been manufacturing ukuleles for over 6 years and the company has gained a good following in recent years. They have built a reputation for making top quality ukuleles at a reasonable price. All of their ukes come with a lifetime warranty. Definitely, you’ll have a peace of mind when buying from this Australian ukulele company.