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We have straps for every ukulele model you can think of! Our popular soft cotton strap is ideal for ukuleles without a strap pin. It slots over the sound hole and hangs comfortably around your neck. All you could ever want. However, if your uke does a strap pin, you are spoilt for choice. Check out our Australian made DSL straps, our eco-conscious Basso straps, or our premium variety of aNueNue cotton adjustables. 

Why should you buy a strap? Reason number one: it makes playing the ukulele a lot more comfortable. Instead of awkwardly clamping the instrument between your chest and arm, or propping it up with your hands, a strap lets the uke dangle at the perfect distance for playing. Reason number two: it looks great. A strap is definitely a fashion piece. Here at UkuleleMate, we have dozens of styles and shades to pick from so there will certainly be something to choose. Our secret favourite is the Bondi Sepia strap. Understated, but matches almost any timber uke. Reliable too!