Ukulele Buyers Guide

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Choosing A New Ukulele Is A Bucketload Of Fun

However it can be quite daunting being faced with hundreds of instruments out there all demanding your attention!

We have broken this down into a 4 step process where you will learn everything you need to know. This buyers guide will take 5-10 mins to read. It contains clear explanations, sound demos, videos, images and more. This is a must read for anyone intending to buy a ukulele.

Understanding The Sizes

There are 4 sizes of ukulele: Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone

Soprano Ukulele

This is the smallest size. Excellent choice for people with small hands or children learning to play. Soprano ukuleles have that distinctive “twangy” sound that people associate the ukulele with. It has 12-15 frets, is portable and suitable for almost all beginners.

Concert Ukulele

This is 2 inches bigger than the soprano. The advantages of the concert size is the wider range of sound. It remains portable and has the traditional twangy ukulele tone.

Tenor Ukulele

The tenor is another 2 inches longer than the concert. At this size, the instrument sound begins to change. You will experience a deeper tone with the tenor as compared to the concert and soprano. It also has more frets. Tenor is ideal for someone who is serious about the ukulele, perhaps they are a performer or they have guitar experience and they are looking for a new instrument to try.

Baritone Ukulele

This is the largest of the 4 ukuleles and has the deepest tone. The baritone requires different tuning compared to the other. A baritone ukulele is basically the bottom 4 strings of a guitar. Baritone is suitable for those who like to do alot of finger-picking. Apart from those finger-picking gurus, this size doesn’t capture the essence of the ukulele in our opinion. You lose the traditional ukulele tone and the portability of the instrument.

Which Sound Do You Like Best?

After listening to the sounds, you should have an idea which sizes you like best. You will notice there is a sound difference between each model, the big difference is between tenor and baritone. The baritone definitely loses the ukulele twang. This is why we don't recommend baritone sized ukuleles, especially for first-timers.



  • All Beginners
  • All Kids
  • People wanting the twangy ukulele sound
  • People wanting to try the ukulele out
  • People with a smaller budget


  • Men with bigger hands
  • People looking for a versatile ukulele
  • Guitar players
  • Those looking for a bigger sound than soprano
  • People looking to upgrade their ukulele


  • Men with bigger hands
  • People looking for a bigger sound
  • Serious players who might gig one day.
  • Guitar players
  • People looking to upgrade to a bigger ukulele


  • Experienced players who want to add a Baritone to their ukulele collection
  • Looking for a really low and mellow tone
  • Guitar players who want to use similar DGBE tuning to a guitar.