Deluxe Ukulele Capo - Fits All Sizes

Deluxe Ukulele Capo - Fits All Sizes
Deluxe Ukulele Capo - Fits All Sizes
Deluxe Ukulele Capo - Fits All Sizes

Deluxe Ukulele Capo - Fits All Sizes

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Premium metal capo for your ukulele. It is ultra lightweight, made from aircraft grade aluminium. It has a quality steel spring from Japan and it is fast to clip on and off. It will cause no scratches or fret buzzing on your ukulele. This is the top of the line ukulele capo.

A ukulele capo is useful when learning to play the uke as it allows you to play different keys much easier. Its a great way to fast track your ukulele playing. The capo simply clamps across the strings on the ukulele and holds them down at a particular fret. Its an easy way to raise the pitch without having to use the tuning keys.

This particular capo can be used for all size ukuleles as well as guitars.

Joel Carr

Owner, UkuleleMate

What you get with your ukulele:

Your choice of ukulele bag between 10 options

$59 FREE

A complete set of spare strings to back you up

$14 FREE

Tuner with LCD display to always give you that sweet sweet sound

$24 FREE

Adjustable soft cotton ukulele strap for perfect balance and comfort

$19 FREE

68 page ukulele book to guide you through your practice

$14 FREE

6-pack of custom designed ukulele felt picks for the classic mellow tone

$12 FREE

Foldable A3 chart with 156+ chords to give you quick reminders

$12 FREE

A set of fretboard "learn to play" stickers to guide you in your first days


Self-inking ukulele chord stamp

$12 FREE

Gold plated ukulele bookmark so your uke’s always on your mind


Ultra-soft microfiber cleaning cloth so your uke is always stunning


Organic cotton bag for your accessories to take them all with you


30-min lesson over skype with a pro to point you in the right direction

$39 FREE

Plus 16 tips & tricks emails to keep you motivated and learning with over the shoulders video tutorials.

$29 FREE

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Dean Whitney
Capo review

I bought a capo to go with my new Ukulele. Don't know yet if I'll have a lot of use for it and I think it is very well made and gets the job done (if it should need doing). I reckon that I want to have a good capo should the need arise rather than be caught without one. So, I was happy to take advantage of the offer made when I purchased my Ukulele and I'd do it again.

Geraldine DOENICKE
Deluxe Ukulele Capo

I am just a little more than a beginner Ukulele player, however, I had no idea what a CAPO was or how to use it. All I can say now is WOW thank goodness I purchased this item. I have bought several items from Ukulele Mate and as always every item was perfect. Whether I buy another Ukulele or any of the super accessories I will always purchase from UKULELE MATE not only for the low prices but for their genuine interest in their customers. Thank you again Ukulele Mate and their staff. Geraldine.

Sally Wilson

Capo is great, service was fantastic.

Glen Kempster
Good capo

Does exactly what it is meant to do and does it well.

Michelle Curtis

Love all the products I have purchased and your delivery is excellent..
Thank you 🙏

Leanne Feurer

Brilliant service was fast to arrive & I like being able to support Australian owned businesses!