Enya Nova U Carbon Concert Ukulele - Joy

Enya Nova U Carbon Concert Ukulele - Joy
Enya Nova U Carbon Concert Ukulele - Joy

Enya Nova U Carbon Concert Ukulele - Joy

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If you're looking to take your playing experience up a notch, look no further than the Nova U series. With carbon fiber construction and its unique soundhole configuration this tenor ukulele has some seriously bright tones that will have everyone in a state of awe! For those concerned about comfort when it comes time for hours on stage or just practicing at home - don't worry because the Enya U's ergonomic design features a thinner profile making it very comfortable.

Want to know more about Enya? Well, I see Enya as the forefront of ukulele innovation. They experiment with new materials and designs and push the industry into fields blossoming with imagination. Enya ukes tend to be on the more affordable side of the price range, which is great too. They are bringing music to everyone and having fun along the way. So, why wait? Get on board and ride with Enya into the future. The Enya U is your ticket there.

Joel Carr

Owner, UkuleleMate

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  • Description
    Nova U Series
  • Size
67cm 25cm
Included add ons
  • Tuners
    Open Gold Classic
  • Strings
    Enya Fluorocarbon
Colours & Materials
  • Top
    Carbon Fiber
  • Back/Sides
    Carbon Fiber
  • Soundhole
    Enya logo slots
  • Fretboard
  • Fretboard Binding
    Carbon Fiber
  • Bridge
    Carbon Fiber
  • Nut & Saddle
    Carbon Fiber
  • Finish
  • Logo
    Screen Printed

What you get with your ukulele:

Your choice of ukulele bag between 10 options

$59.00 FREE

A complete set of spare strings to back you up

$14.00 FREE

Tuner with LCD display to always give you that sweet sweet sound

$24.00 FREE

Adjustable soft cotton ukulele strap for perfect balance and comfort

$19.00 FREE

68 page ukulele book to guide you through your practice

$14.00 FREE

6-pack of custom designed ukulele felt picks for the classic mellow tone

$12.00 FREE

Foldable A3 chart with 156+ chords to give you quick reminders

$12.00 FREE

A set of fretboard "learn to play" stickers to guide you in your first days

$9.00 FREE

Self-inking ukulele chord stamp

$12.00 FREE

Gold plated ukulele bookmark so your uke’s always on your mind

$5.00 FREE

Ultra-soft microfiber cleaning cloth so your uke is always stunning

$5.00 FREE

Organic cotton bag for your accessories to take them all with you

$5.00 FREE

30-min lesson over skype with a pro to point you in the right direction

$39.00 FREE

Plus 16 tips & tricks emails to keep you motivated and learning with over the shoulders video tutorials.

$29.00 FREE

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Anna Booth
The cutest uke ever!

It was such a beautiful experience opening up this ukulele when it arrived. I am a new primary school music teacher that will be teaching ukulele. I wanted to purchase one that my students would love, and I definitely chose well! It is a joy to play and came with so many accessories and a cute matching case. I would definitely recommend this company.

james mcnabb
Great instrument!

Looks good, plays like a dream. A lovely purchase!


Love it.

Andrea Winzor
Very happy with my purchase

After going to ukulele mad Fiji earlier in 2023, I was captivated by it and how portable and friendly instrument it is.
In early 2022, I started learning how to play a guitar and use the Fender Play platform in my learning which also has a ukulele pathway.
A quick google and Ulelemate popped up for all the right reasons. A great website which made it easy to navigate and finally chose an instrument.
All arrived ok and I felt like a kid on Christmas Day with the extra goodies and the bonus socks!
The case matches the ukulele and isn’t black as pictured, which was a pleasant surprise as it ads to the fun look about it. Within the first week of plunking around on it, I quickly learned 'Happy Birthday' and have now played it twice on two separate occasions as we have had recent birthdays in our workplace! The ukulele is easy to transport around as well as knuckle down into learning some riffs or songs. I have an electric guitar which doesn’t lend itself to such portability and quick set up.
I would highly recommend Ukelemate!
These guys rock🤘🏻🤘🏽☺️

7yr olds review

It’s really cool because of all the colours it has. It has a different style hole to most ukuleles giving it an extra cool look. I love the sound of it and it is nice and light to carry and hold when playing.

Enya uke

Gorgeous looking instrument. For size, the sound is amazing. Easy action. Loved all the extras.


All ukuleles under $1000 are made in China. There are a handful of instruments made in the USA/Australia but they come with a hefty price tag and aren't always worth the price. Often the more affordable instruments are just as good, if not better. At ukulelemate, we have tested thousands of instruments and found the sweetspot where quality meets value.

Yes you can! We have the best returns policy in the Australian music industry. No matter what you buy from us, we will take it back within 60 days and give you a full refund for the original purchase. What's even better - we pay for the return shipping. It's simple and easy.

We offer a lifetime warranty on all products. You won't find this anywhere else in the world, most music stores offer 12 months, maybe 24 months if you are lucky. We sell products that are high quality and will last. We stand behind them with a lifetime warranty.

Each ukulele that leaves our warehouse will undergo a strict QC and setup process by our experienced staff. The setup process if fairly similar for all instruments but we will spend more time on the more expensive models. The budget models will receive all of the crucial checks but we won't spends as much time on things such as fretboard lemon oil.

We package the ukes extremely well with our own thick custom made boxes. Each year we ship thousands of ukuleles all across Australia and the world. We guarantee you will receive your uke in 100% perfect condition.

All orders before 4pm are dispatched same day. We choose the fastest courier based on your postcode. Over 80% of our orders arrive in 1-2 days. If you live in a rural area, it will take a couple of extra days, but we will make sure it's dispatched fast and with the best courier possible.