Bondi Ripple Koa Kalimba

Bondi Ripple Koa Kalimba
Bondi Ripple Koa Kalimba
Bondi Ripple Koa Kalimba
Bondi Ripple Koa Kalimba
Bondi Ripple Koa Kalimba
Bondi Ripple Koa Kalimba
Bondi Ripple Koa Kalimba
Bondi Ripple Koa Kalimba
Bondi Ripple Koa Kalimba
Bondi Ripple Koa Kalimba
Bondi Ripple Koa Kalimba
Bondi Ripple Koa Kalimba
Bondi Ripple Koa Kalimba
Bondi Ripple Koa Kalimba
Bondi Ripple Koa Kalimba
Bondi Ripple Koa Kalimba

Bondi Ripple Koa Kalimba

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Koa is one of the most highly sought after woods in musical instruments, and even high end furniture. From ukuleles to acoustic guitars, luthiers have been building world class instruments with Koa.

And now you can get a Kalimba constructed from this beautiful wood. Koa is cherished for its wonderful wood grain striping and natural orange highlights. Its tone is rich and balanced. Not too bright and not too boomy.

Like all of the Bondi Kalimbas you'll find 17 polished and rounded tines for easy playing. The body has rounded edges so the Kalimba fits comfortably in your hands.

This well constructed Kalimba is finished off with a pearl inlay rosette around the sound hole.

Joel Carr

Owner, UkuleleMate

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  • Description
    Kalimba Series
  • Size
    17 Keys
18cm 13cm
Included add ons
  • Tunning Hammer
  • Hardcase
Colours & Materials
  • Top
  • Back/Sides
  • Soundhole
    Indigo Blue Pearl Rosette
  • Key Material
    Ore Metal
  • Rear soundholes
  • Finish
  • Logo
    Branding Iron

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Louise S
Fantastic Little Instrument!

Purchased this kalimba as gift for my musical daughter, and she can't put it down! It comes with a stylish storage/protective case, tuning hammer and polish cloth - everything you need to start playing.This kalimba has a beautiful koa wood finish and is easy to hold and play for hours. We had an initial problem with the delivery service used but Ukulelemate sorted this out quickly and easily and it was delivered on time with an extra little gift thrown in. Highly recommend this instrument and this Aussie company!

lindy vu

the product was delivered to me quickly even during COVID and it was well packaged. The kalimba sounds great. I am happy with my purchase and would recommend people to buy a Kalimba from here as well.

Best Instrument I've Ever Purchased

I've been thinking about getting this peaceful instrument for a while and stumbled across this website with a beautiful looking kalimba. Shipment was quick and instrument sounds amazing. I love that it comes with a bag and little stickers for the notes on the instrument. 10/10 my favourite instrument so far <3

alan McTighe

Bought this for my wife who listens to me play ukulele,she is not real music inclined, but since she has got the kalimba she is playing basic songs in a week

Beautifully finished wooden instrument

I really like the finish with the varnished wood and inlaid paua shell. The tines have a mirror shine. I was a little disappointed that the notes are not engraved or marked; you have to stick them on from a sheet of stickers.. The instrument sounds pretty good to me. Whilst I haven’t played many kalimbas, one thing did I note was that the central tines resonate the instrument panels much more loudly than the short tines. It must be played with finger nails as the short tines are stiff and a little sharp on the finger flesh. It comes with a tuning hammer to nock the tines longer or shorter. A bit more in the way of support videos would be appreciated. I, for one, am not a fan of the formidable shoulder strapped soft lined nylon carry bag —I’m a minimalist, it’s too bulky, and though it protects the instrument very well, I’m not the kind of person who wants to operate zips every time I pick it up or put it down, so for me it just ended up going to land fill, another thing I try and avoid. They could save money by shipping it in recycled cardboard.

Simon Scholefield
Fantastic tone

Customer service both prior & post sale of the Bondi Koa Kalimba was excellent. Both the tone & workmanship of the kalimba is fantastic, a real quality instrument.


Yes! The Kalimba is one of the easiest instruments to learn. Unlike the piano which has many keys and complex scales to learn, the basics of the kalimba can be learnt really quickly. It's an instrument that can be learnt without prior musical experience. On the other hand, someone with musical experience may well be playing simple melodies within minutes of picking it up. The beauty of this instrument is that it sounds beautiful, no matter who is playing it. 

Yes it is. Also known as a mbira or thumb piano, the Kalimba orginated in Africa around 3000 years ago. At the time African tribes were in need of a portable instrument to play while walking. Whilst we may not walk and play the Kalimba these days, the portability of this instrument is a big reason for its popularity.  

We offer a lifetime warranty on all products. You won't find this anywhere else in the world, most music stores offer 12 months, maybe 24 months if you are lucky. We sell products that are high quality and will last. We stand behind them with a lifetime warranty. 

Each Kalimba comes with a custom hardcase. This protects it from dings and scratches. Each year we ship thousands of instruments all across Australia and the world. We guarantee you will receive your Kalimba in 100% perfect condition. 

All orders before 4pm are dispatched same day. We choose the fastest courier based on your postcode. Over 80% of our orders arrive in 1-2 days. If you live in a rural area, it will take a couple of extra days, but we will make sure it's dispatched fast and with the best courier possible.