Bondi Ripple Koa Electric Kalimba

Bondi Ripple Koa Electric Kalimba

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The Bondi Ripple Electric Kalimba gives you a magnificent Koa body with the flexibility to amplify your sound. The onboard Piezo pickup is similar to the pickups in most Acoustic Electric guitars. Piezo pickups are famous for maintaining the natural sound of your instrument when using an amp.

The Ripple Electric Kalimba uses the same 1/4" output jack that guitars, keyboards, and electric ukuleles use. You can plug this directly into a keyboard amp or acoustic amp using a standard instrument cable.

Featuring a natural finish to bring out the orange highlights in Koa, this Kalimba uses a beautiful pearl inlay rosette as a final touch.

Pro Tip: Experiment with multi effect processors. You can get some really awesome sounds by adding a little reverb or delay.

Joel Carr

Owner, UkuleleMate

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  • Description
    Kalimba Series
  • Size
    17 Keys
18cm 13cm
Included add ons
  • Tunning Hammer
  • Hardcase
  • Electronics
    Passive pickup installed
Colours & Materials
  • Top
  • Back/Sides
  • Soundhole
    Indigo Blue Pearl Rosette
  • Key Material
    Ore Metal
  • Rear soundholes
  • Finish
  • Logo
    Branding Iron


Yes! The Kalimba is one of the easiest instruments to learn. Unlike the piano which has many keys and complex scales to learn, the basics of the kalimba can be learnt really quickly. It's an instrument that can be learnt without prior musical experience. On the other hand, someone with musical experience may well be playing simple melodies within minutes of picking it up. The beauty of this instrument is that it sounds beautiful, no matter who is playing it. 

Yes it is. Also known as a mbira or thumb piano, the Kalimba orginated in Africa around 3000 years ago. At the time African tribes were in need of a portable instrument to play while walking. Whilst we may not walk and play the Kalimba these days, the portability of this instrument is a big reason for its popularity.  

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Each Kalimba comes with a custom hardcase. This protects it from dings and scratches. Each year we ship thousands of instruments all across Australia and the world. We guarantee you will receive your Kalimba in 100% perfect condition. 

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