Aroma AG-15A Acoustic Amp with Rechargeable Battery

Aroma AG-15A Acoustic Amp with Rechargeable Battery
Aroma AG-15A Acoustic Amp with Rechargeable Battery
Aroma AG-15A Acoustic Amp with Rechargeable Battery
Aroma AG-15A Acoustic Amp with Rechargeable Battery
Aroma AG-15A Acoustic Amp with Rechargeable Battery
Aroma AG-15A Acoustic Amp with Rechargeable Battery

Aroma AG-15A Acoustic Amp with Rechargeable Battery

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The Aroma AG-15A Amp can be used for ukulele or guitar. It is fitted with a rechargeable battery which can be charged from 240V or USB or a power bank. it also have bluetooth connection for playback.

This amp is in the sweet spot for size and output. Its convenient to take with you anywhere but packs ample power when needed. It's very nice on the eye too. Checks all the boxes for me. Very good value

Joel Carr

Owner, UkuleleMate

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Customer Reviews

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Gary Lang
Aroma AG15A Acoustic amp

This amp is really good. Has a retro look but very well finished and constructed. Sound is crisp and clear. Instrument and mic inputs. I like it a lot for small venues or jamming/ rehersing at home.

Versatile Amp

Great addition to my ukulele gear.
Impressed with the sound when paired with the Bondi Tiger Oak Concert Ukulele.
Impressed with the Bluetooth speaker capability and the grandkids were requesting songs that they could listen to through the Amp.
Looks like this will be a family favourite

Little Amp is a Big Motivator!!

This is the first ever amplifier I have bought and my own kids and I are having so much fun with it! It is so motivating for practice time (especially for the kids) when you can really hear yourself play. I love the bluetooth capability so you can plug in your uke and play along to songs from your phone or other device. Portability is awesome, ability to recharge easily and run without power is fantastic. We have plugged in our Kala Ubass, my awesome new Bondi baritone and my faithful old Tiki concert uke. My online students love it too and can't wait to have a go when I meet with them next. And finally, the sweet vintage charm makes it very easy to display on the piano or bureau. So glad I got this, thanks guys!

Justin Bechtold
Perfect for Uke’s but not for guitars with 2 x AA pickups.

I bought this amp for our Hawaii 50 party. I used it for both my uke and microphone while performing and used the Bluetooth to play music from my phone. Sounds great and is really compact. The only drawback is that my guitar pickup runs off 2 x AA batteries and the amp isn’t powerful enough to amplify the guitar, it may do if the guitar had a 9v battery pickup and there is an EQ booster pedal you could buy to boost the 3v output from the AA’s if you need to play your guitar through it. That said, it does an absolutely tremendous job with the uke and gives the uke a more full bodied sound. I love it.

Wendy Woods
Compact & cute

I'm very happy with the product, service & delivery.
The amp can also be used as Bluetooth speaker so does all I wanted. I will be cautious when carrying though as the strap does not fit securely enough for my liking. I will take care to have a hand under the amp as well & not rely solely on the strap. Whilst I think it is good to be aware of this, it does not detract from my use or enjoyment. Would recommend.

Claire Purtle
Acoustic Amp

Great service, thanks again!