Aquila AQ87U Red Series Tenor Ukulele Strings

Aquila AQ87U Red Series Tenor Ukulele Strings
Aquila AQ87U Red Series Tenor Ukulele Strings

Aquila AQ87U Red Series Tenor Ukulele Strings

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Aquila's Red strings produce a deeper tone by changing the weight of the material rather than increasing its gauge. By keeping the gauge thinner and more consistent, Red® strings sound brighter and more powerful, and are more responsive across the entire fretboard. This also helps them stay in tune longer than thicker strings. The textured brown/red Red® strings have a very rich tone with a very loud projection.

Joel Carr

Owner, UkuleleMate

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  • Series
    Aquila Red Series
  • Size
  • Tuning
  • Tone
    Bright Metallic
  • Popularity
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  • Colour
  • Material
  • Durability
    Low to Medium
  • Feel
    Metalic Feel
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Anet Michel
Aquila Red Series

Love these strings
I was looking for a set of strings that had a bit more brightness and sustain on the A string
The Aquila Reds hit the mark
They have a slight texture to them - Which I like - It seems to give your finger placement more purpose as you slide up the frets
Would recommend trying a set

Robert Searls
Reds are good

Been using them on my tenor for a few years. Nice & bright, but a little fragile … they tend to fray a bit in the picking / strumming zone … makes intonation a little wonky

Peter Willis
Bright Reds

I like the Aquila Reds … bright, clear & responsive … they hold their tune well … and l have had no issues with strings breaking. While l am no expert l feel they have improved the sound of my Kala bamboo which was a little muddy/dull and my Flight mustang which lacked volume/projection.

Long time favourites

The Aquila Red Series have been my go to strings for my tenor for a couple of years now. I love their sound! Recently I broke a string and didn't hesitate to order the Red Series again. However when they arrived I discovered a complimentary set of Nami fluorocarbon strings which Ukulele Mate suggested I should try. I have used fluorocarbons (different brand) before and liked the sound but found them slippery under fingers but thought I would give these Nami strings a try. Brilliant! Clear, bright and great tone. I love them so much I have left them on. Because i live in regional WA with the nearest music shop 500kms away I now have my Aquila Red Series as great quality spares. Thanks Ukulele Mate for the prompt service of sending my Red strings and for introducing me to Nami.

James Roberts
Great feel and great sound

I bought a set of tenor and also concert Aquila Red strings, and I love the feel of them, and the clean, bright sound is amazing. Very much a new fan.
The service and delivery times from UkuleleMate are brilliant too!

Perfect for Mahogany

These strings are wonderful on my solid mahogany tenor. I am not a fan of Aquila normally but these are a wonderful compromise between the projection of super nylgut and the clarity and responsiveness of fluorocarbons. They really marry well with this darker sounding tone wood. Great delivery time.