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Spruce is a light coloured wood known for its tightly patterned grain. It is fairly uniform in colour, with minimal rippling and gradation across most cuts. It is an extremely bright tonewood, but also well-rounded, making it a very popular top wood for guitars and ukuleles alike. If you are after clarity and punch, Spruce is a fantastic choice.

Significantly, Spruce is the lightest coloured material available. Only Maple and maybe a few varieties of Cedar or Bamboo comes close. It therefore pairs extremely well with darker woods, such as Mahogany and Ebony that are often used for the back and sides of the instrument.

We stock over 50 ukuleles that use Spruce. Most favour it as a solid top wood given its resonant properties. Whichever one you pick, rest assured that you have got yourself a winner. Spruce is a gorgeous tonewood and a favourite among players. It has a cheerfulness and optimism few other woods can match.