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It's true - pineapples are kind of goofy looking! But that might be part of the appeal of Pineapple Ukuleles, our Best Value series. Just because the shape looks like a piece of tropical fruit doesn't mean it can’t make some beautiful music. As far as sound quality goes, you may be in for even more of a surprise - with their larger bodies and higher volume and mellow sound, these ukuleles just might change the way you think about jam sessions.

For ukulele players, musicians, and Music Lovers alike, these Pineapple Ukuleles have something special to offer. You won't find a better value – our series provide an excellent sound at an affordable price. Plus, this unique design adds a cheeky but chic statement to your performance! Who said making music can’t involve looking cute doing it? Get yourself one of our standout pineapple ukes and see what you can create with it.

If you're looking for a unique ukulele that sounds great and is built to last, then a pineapple-shaped ukulele is the perfect option. These ukes are louder and have a more mellow sound than standard body ukes, making them perfect for any musician. Order today and get free accessories worth $150!