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Here at UkuleleMate, Oak is our specialty. Our selection of Tiger Oak ukuleles are among our most well-loved instruments. They move pretty quick given recommendations from word of mouth.

Oak is possibly the brightest top wood. The sound is intensely chirpy and pure. It puts a smile on the face of any player. The overtones are strong, but not saccharine. They are clean and precise, but do not taper off awkwardly or overpower the midtones. Indeed, Oak is so bright it is probably the easiest to identify by ear. Only Spruce comes close in terms of brightness. 

If you are after an electric uke, Oak is a great choice. The sound is already so clean, you do not need to worry about adjusting too many presets to get a crisp, unadulterated sound. Just plug and play. They are also relatively affordable. You won't find a uke with a preamp much cheaper.

Need I say more about why our Tiger Oaks are so popular? They are precisely built from graded materials. They are durable, tough, and keep their intonation. They produce a sound so bright and so clean they will impress any musician. Order yours today.