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Get your hands on the Makala ukuleles for a truly stellar entry-level instrument! Whether you’re just getting started or want a dependable and affordable secondary stringed instrument, these ukuleles from Kala won’t let you down. They bring unbeatable value at their price point; every detail is made with care to ensure lasting playability, durability, and great tone. 

The classic wood look of Makala ukuleles will always be in style, while the various pastel colour options make these instruments, especially appealing to kids. There are two types of bridges to choose from: dolphin and shark bridges and each comes equipped with the ability to produce sound instantly every time you pluck the strings. The gorgeous construction and undeniable playability of these well-crafted instruments will take your playing abilities right to the top in no time flat! 

Even if playing is not your goal, Makala ukuleles make an excellent decorative touch to any room or living space! Their delightful look and presence can bring life and vibrancy to any corner of your home. Vibrant sounds are always within reach when you’ve got a Makala. Joyful ringing tones, whether used for leisurely weekend strumming adventures or a more serious swing session, offer endless possibilities for this special selection from Kala!