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Do you want to kick up your sound and join the ukulele revolution? Introducing Baritone Ukuleles - Mahogany Electric collection, the perfect union of two beloved instruments! Are you a fan of the twangy sound of a ukulele and the bold, powerful tones that an electric guitar provides? Thanks to this beautiful beauty, you don’t have to choose anymore. You can have it all.

Our Mahogany Electric Baritone Ukuleles will give your music the low-end noise it needs! With a DGBE tuning that's just like the top four strings of a guitar, you'll have no difficulty switching between instruments. And if all that wasn't enough, these baritones come in a stunning mahogany wood finish that looks fantastic both on and off the stage.

These ukuleles have all of the familiar features of your favorite instrument - mahogany wood for a great tone, four strings for strumming along with chords and melodies, and a comfortable 24” scale length. But this one comes with an added bonus – now you can plug them in! That means no more worries about sound when playing live or recording tracks; this uke is ready to rock. With its built-in Equalizer (EQ), no sound will ever be off limits. Create effects pedals out of thin air with this versatile instrument.

You don’t have to be ukulele aficionado or a guitar gun-slinger to appreciate Baritone Ukuleles - Mahogany Electric. Whether you're just getting started out on your musical journey or looking for something new to add some spice to your playing style, this amazing hybrid instrument is perfect for any situation and skill level!

So don't wait around; get your hands on our electric baritone ukulele today and make sure you never miss out on the fun again!