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Cedar is among the most common tonewoods used for ukuleles and guitars alike. It is a great wood and features frequently on mid to high-end ukuleles given its rich yellow-red colour, akin to honey or good quality wooden furniture. It gets full marks for looks, that's for sure.

Cedar tends to sound great too. It represents a unique part of the tonewood spectrum in an area that is hard to describe, but is labelled as "sweet" and "warm" and sometimes "rich". It definitely is not bright and chirpy, but not super mellow either. It would be wrong to describe it as well-balanced like a Mahogany. No, it has its own flavour. Cedar is woody and warm, with prominent overtones and good projection. This complexity and uniqueness makes it a desirable tonewood. Rarely is it found on entry level ukes but reserved for models that make a bit more of a dent in the pocket.