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You might be asking yourself: what is Burled Meranti? Sounds pretty strange, huh? Burled Meranti is a tropical softwood known for its pockmarked surface. As a tonewood, it is typically well-balanced and used for ukuleles on the lower end of the price spectrum. This isn't a bad thing, as Meranti has some unique features that make it look and sound great. 

Physically, it is quite porous, even speckled. Almost like a Mahogany, but with a stronger defined grain. When paired with a Walnut fretboard and bridge, it works quite well. It has a rustic feel to it, which can be quite refreshing after playing so many glossy, over-engineered ukuleles.

When we talk about the sound of Burled Meranti, think well balanced and middle of road. It is pretty versatile and you will get a reliable sound from it. Definitely can be enhanced with a good set of strings. Definitely a downgrade from Mahogany, but still worth a listen.