Learn Pentatonic Scales For Ukulele

A Little Info About This Lesson

If you want to try to solo or jam with other players the pentatonic scales are a must know. They cover the majority of the fretboard and they fit very well in multiple styles. This free video ukulele lesson with tab will show you all 5 pentatonic patterns for the keys of C Major, A Minor and A Blues. Great details and tips are in the video!

Jeffrey's Instructional Video

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Jeff is offering a free 30 minute lesson over Skype to ukulele players of any level. Jeff is the best in the business and can provide expert knowledge on mastering the 5 pentatonic scales for ukulele and many more other crucial tenchiques. Jeff is a friend of ours at UkuleleMate and has been teaching Aussie students for many years, we can't speak highly enough of him. We encourage you to go ahead and schedule your free lesson today.

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