How To Play The Ukulele


A Little Info About This Lesson

Most of the time, beginners get too excited. They start strumming without knowing the right way to play the ukulele. And we don’t want you to do the same thing.

That’s why in this next video lesson, we’ve decided to show you a few tips and tricks to improve your ukulele skill.

Before you strum your first few chords, one thing that you have to learn is how to hold your ukulele properly. We’ll also show you the basic strumming, how to switch from one chord to another, and some easy chords to get you started.

How To Play The Ukulele


  • Michelle Coates

    This is a very special song for me and it was really lovely to be able to play it like this with the traditional ukulele strumming.

  • Barbara Cady Bidencope

    Many thanks for your very helpful instructional videos- I am enjoying them and improving my skills at the same time! Barbara.

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