Choosing Your First Ukulele: Should You Start With A Soprano Or Concert Ukulele?

If you're diving into the world of strumming and picking on a ukulele, you're in for a ripper time. Now, as a newbie, the first choice you're gonna face is figuring out which type of ukulele suits you best.

Today, we're having a yarn about the two top choices for beginners – the soprano and concert ukuleles.

For little tackers and grown-ups alike, the top picks are the soprano and the concert ukulele. These ukes are ripper for ankle-biters with dinky hands and grown-ups rockin' small to medium-sized mitts. That's why these sizes are the first cab off the rank for folks diving into the ukulele world.

The questions is...

Should you start with a soprano or concert ukulele?

Let's break down the details and help you suss out the best pick based on your vibes and playing style.


First off, we've got the soprano ukulele, the little legend of the bunch. This pint-sized beauty sits at around 21 inches and packs a punch with its bright and lively sound.

Thanks to its shorter scale length, the soprano is known for its tight and punchy tone, making it a top choice for classic Hawaiian tunes and quick, upbeat strumming.

Pros of Soprano Ukulele:

Portability: Chuck it in your bag, mate! The compact size of the soprano ukulele makes it dead easy to take it with you wherever your adventures lead.

Affordability: No need to break the bank here. Soprano ukuleles are budget-friendly, perfect for beginners keen on giving the uke a crack without splashing too much cash.

Traditional Sound: If you're after that classic, old-school ukulele sound heard in heaps of iconic songs, the soprano's bright and cheerful tone might be just the ticket for you.

Cons of Soprano Ukulele:

Fret Spacing: Fair dinkum, the smaller size might be a bit snug for players with bigger mitts, making certain chords and finger placements a bit of a challenge.


Now, let's talk about the concert ukulele, the slightly bigger sibling with a typical length of around 23 inches. This fella brings a fuller and warmer tone compared to the soprano.

It's like the Goldilocks of ukuleles, sitting right in the middle between the soprano and tenor sizes, delivering a versatile and balanced sound that suits a whole stack of musical styles.

Pros of Concert Ukulele:
Versatility: This bloke can handle it all. The concert ukulele's size and tone make it a ripper choice for exploring a wide range of musical genres and playing styles.

Comfortable Size: Bit more room to move! The slightly larger size means there's more space between frets, making it a breeze for beginners to navigate and transition between chords.

Enhanced Resonance: With a longer scale length and larger body, the concert ukulele belts out a fuller, richer sound, giving players a more satisfying musical experience.

Cons of Concert Ukulele:
Less Portability: Still easy to chuck in the car, but gotta admit, the concert ukulele is a tad larger than the soprano, so it's not as snappy for on-the-go playing.

So, which one's your vibe?

Whether you're all about that classic ukulele sound, crave portability, and are keeping an eye on the budget, the soprano might be your go-to.

But if you're after versatility, a fuller sound, and comfy fret spacing, the concert ukulele could be your perfect match.

Before making the final call, why not give both a go if you can?

Test out a few models. Your ukulele journey is as unique as a kangaroo in a field of wallabies, and picking the right instrument will make your learning experience a ripper and bring a ton of joy to your musical adventures.

Cheers to strumming and singing along!

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