aNueNue Moon Bird Tenor Ukulele UT200: A Comprehensive Review

When it comes to picking a ukulele, the aNueNue Moon Bird Tenor UT200 is a real cracker. The first time I got my hands on this stunning uke, I knew it was something special.

This beauty is the result of five years of meticulous planning and top-notch craftsmanship.

The luthier team at aNueNue are dedicated to perfection, and it shows in every detail. The wood for these ukuleles is air-dried and aged for up to five years, ensuring it's of the highest quality.

Only the best cuts make it into the prestigious Bird Series, resulting in a ukulele that not only looks gorgeous but also sounds exceptional.

This uke is a true gem, combining traditional Hawaiian charm with modern innovations. Here’s a closer look at why the Moon Bird UT200 is a must-have for any serious ukulele player.

Design and Build: Eye-Candy Alert!

First off, let’s talk about the UT200’s design. This ukulele is like the Beyoncé of the uke world – a real showstopper! The double-bout shape and that super chunky lower bout give it a grand, majestic vibe, almost like it’s channelling a grand auditorium guitar but in a ukulele’s body. Fancy, right?

Now, picture this:

A solid Swiss spruce top that’s pale, even, and oh-so-elegant with a straight grain that’s as smooth as a fresh jar of Vegemite.

And those edges?

Bound in rosewood with a funky wave pattern that’s just begging for a second look. The sound hole’s got an inlaid spalted maple rosette shaped like a crescent moon – talk about a celestial vibe!

The back and sides are made from solid East Indian Rosewood, which is basically the George Clooney of woods – rich, dark, and oh-so-dapper.

It contrasts beautifully with the spruce top, and the high-gloss finish makes it shine like a superstar. Just a heads up, though – it’s a bit of a fingerprint magnet, so keep a cloth handy.

Inside, it’s a neat freak’s dream. The construction is top-notch with notched kerfing and bracing by luthier Mitsuta Morihiko. Everything’s solid, well-made, and just screams quality.

aNueNue Moonbird Tenor Ukulele UT200

Neck and Fingerboard: Smooth Operator

The neck is made from mahogany with a satin finish, so no sticky fingers here! It’s got a slim profile that’s super comfy to play. The nut width is 1.5 inches, giving it that high-end feel. And that neck heel?

Totally unique, adding to its overall charm.

The ebony fingerboard is deep black and absolutely flawless. It’s got 20 nickel silver frets, all perfectly dressed and vintage jumbo style for maximum comfort. And those fret markers?

Inlaid spalted maple shaped like moon phases – how cool is that? Plus, there are side markers for easy navigation.

Headstock and Tuners: Sleek and Chic

The headstock is straightforward but oh-so-classy with an ebony facing cap and a pearl inlaid aNueNue logo. It’s functional and looks great, blending perfectly with the uke’s overall aesthetic.

The Gotoh UPT planetary tuners are a highlight – they’re like the best of both worlds, combining the benefits of geared tuners in a sleek friction peg form. Plus, their black metal finish is the cherry on top.

Sound and Performance: Music to My Ears

Now, let’s talk sound. The UT200 Moon Bird is a beast in the best way possible. The volume and projection are off the charts, filling a room with rich, clear tones. The dynamic range is impressive, offering everything from soft, sweet sounds to punchy, staccato strumming.

The tone is complex and varied, with a rich, rounded sound from the C string and a soaring ring from the higher strings.

The balance between the spruce top’s natural brightness and the rosewood back and sides’ warmth creates a versatile instrument suitable for various playing styles. Whether you want lingering sustain or quick, punchy notes, the UT200 can deliver.

A Ukulele Dream Come True

In a nutshell, the aNueNue Moon Bird Tenor Ukulele UT200 is a stunner. From its eye-catching design to its flawless build and heavenly sound, it’s one of the best ukuleles I’ve had the pleasure of playing.

Sure, it’s a bit of an investment at around AUD 2,499.00, but for serious players, it’s worth every penny.

If you’re on the hunt for a high-end tenor ukulele that’s as gorgeous as it is great-sounding, look no further. Ready to experience the magic of the aNueNue Moon Bird Tenor Ukulele UT200 for yourself?

Don’t wait!

Reserve your Moon Bird UT200 today and elevate your playing to new heights. Click here to get one of these beauts and bring home this extraordinary ukulele!

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