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Bondi Ripple Koa Concert Electric Ukulele

Bondi Ripple Koa Concert Electric Ukulele

$539.00 Regular price $659.00 Sale price
Clearance reason

Ukulele, bag of your choice, $80 bonus pack & spare strings.

Joel's review

Here we have a brand new concert Koa ukulele. It has ended up in the clearance section given some small cosmetic flaws. Repairs to the uke's front has resulted in variable binding around the edges (see images 4 and 5). Besides this, however, the uke is in excellent condition. Gorgeous, bronze-toned wood. It sounds exactly like any other Koa in our shop. We've knocked $180 of this one! Get in quick and reserve it below.

What's Included

Minor cosmetic issues with body binding.

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