Free Fingerboard Stickers With All Ukulele Orders

The stickers are very helpful for beginners. They provide a faster way to learn chords compare to flicking through a book and finding chords.

We provide enough stickers to cover a ukulele up to 18 frets or less. It's the most comprehensive set of fretboard stickers available.

Suitable for soprano, concert, tenor and baritone ukuleles. Even though the tenor and baritone may have more than 18 frets, you will be focusing your learning on the early frets


Step 1 - Loosen All Strings

Loosen all the strings on the ukulele, so you can easily access the fretboard. Don't worry, you can easily retune the ukulele later.

Step 2 - Clean Fretboard

Give the fretboard a gentle clean if needed. Ensure that the surface is clean and also dry before you begin applying the stickers.

Step 3 - Attach the Stickers

Position the ukulele flat in front of you, exactly as shown in the image, The head of the ukulele should be to the left and the G string should be closest to you.

The stickers are already in order on the sticker sheet, so you just need to attach them. Start with fret 1, then move to fret 2, then fret 3, fret 4, and so on.

Step 4 - Retune The Strings

Once all the stickers are attached, you can tighten up the strings and retune the instrument as per normal.

Now you have an excellent reference for all of the notes you will be learning.