Free Chord Chart With All Ukuleles

Each ukulele comes with an A3 chord chart which provides 156 chords. These are the main chords used for Soprano, Concert and Tenor ukuleles using the standard tuning GCEA.

It is A3 sized & printed on 350gsm paper which gives it a solid cardboard feel. You are able to double fold this chaord chart, which makes it an A5 size when folded, so it will easily fit into your ukulele bag. We have also designed the fold so that the poster can be stood up against the wall or stood up against your ukulele stand and it wont slide or fold over.

How To Read The Chords

The Gridlines

  • The chords are drawn as though you are looking directly at your ukulele in front of you. The ukulele is facing you with the headstock at the top.
  • The G string is on the far left. The A string is on the far right.
  • The frets are the horizontal lines.
  • The thick horizontal line at the top represents the nut of the ukulele.

The Dots and Lines

  • Each dot represents the finger replacement for each string.
  • If there is no dot, you play that string open (meaning you don't place a finger on it).
  • The solid lines along the fret represent a barre which means you press down all of those strings along the line.