Afterpay Your Ukulele

Heard of afterpay? It's a great way to pay off your ukulele in 4 easy installments but receive your instrument immediately. Keep reading to find out more!

What is Afterpay For Ukuleles?

Sometimes we see a ukulele that's slightly out of our budget but we know deep down that we just have to have it! Trust us, we know the feeling. Or maybe you've had some unexpected expenses hit you lately and it's left you short on cash for an upcoming birthday or Christmas gift that you need to buy. Often there's no time to wait until your next pay goes in.

We certainly know that feeling.

This is exactly where afterpay comes in handy.

Afterpay allows you to pay your purchase off over 4 x fortnightly installments.

It takes 1 minute to apply & be approved by afterpay. The whole process is seamless, hence the popularity of this payment option in Australia.

Soon as we receive the order, we ship it out as normal same day!

How good is that!


Why Should I Try Afterpay?

For the pure convenience of it! And of course to get yourself a nicer uke! Your order is shipped straight away yet you get 8 weeks to pay it off. Interest free. No added fees either (when you pay on time)


How Do I Use Afterpay?

Step 1: Choose Afterpay at checkout

Step 2: Existing user log in to afterpay. New users complete a quick registration.

Step 3: Choose how you want to pay. Either your credit card or debit card. Afterpay will then schedule automatic payments for you.

Step 4: Get approved instantly. You will then be told if you are approved or not. Once approved, your account will be created and you are done.  

For complete terms, please visit the afterpay website -