How To Play Johnny Cash's I Walk The Line On Ukulele

A Little Info About This Lesson

I Walk The Line” is a song recorded and written by Johnny Cash in 1956. It’s one of his most famous songs ever written and we find it perfect to play with your ukulele.

Here’s a little insider story about the song. Johnny was 22 when he married his wife Vivian in 1954. A year later, he got his taste of temptation in 1955 when he signed with Sun Records.

He toured with Elvis Presley, who attracted many female fans at every gig. The experience inspired him to write “I Walk The Line” to remind himself to stay faithful to his wife Vivian whilst he was on the road. It turned out, it was not very easy to do.

The song became so popular and made Johnny Cash a star. Jeff did his version of the song on the ukulele and changed the key to C to keep it simple. He notated the intro and verse with proper repeats. We hope you like it and add the song to your playlist.

Jeffrey's Instructional Video

The Original Song

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