How To Play Sweet Caroline on Ukulele

March 03, 2021

How To Play  Sweet Caroline on Ukulele

A Little Info About This Lesson

The song “Sweet Caroline” was written and performed by American singer Neil Diamond. It was released in May 1969 as a single.

In his 2007 interview, Neil Diamond mentioned that the inspiration for his song was JFK’s daughter, Caroline. She was eleven years old at the time the song was released.

It turned out, the song proved to be extremely popular. It has sold over two million digital downloads in the United States alone.

Now it’s time to learn to play this classic tune on your ukulele. Jeff followed the song structure and will show you the intro, proper chords, and strumming pattern. It’s perfect for a sing-along!

Do you want to add this to your playlist? Watch the video below.

Jeffrey's Instructional Video

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Jeff is offering a free 30 minute lesson over Skype to ukulele players of any level. Jeff is the best in the business and can provide expert knowledge on mastering "Sweet Caroline" and many more songs of your choice. Jeff is a friend of ours at UkuleleMate and has been teaching Aussie students for many years, we can't speak highly enough of him. We encourage you to go ahead and schedule your free lesson today.

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