UkuleleMate Complete Accessories Bundle


The complete ukulele accessories pack includes everything you will ever need for the ukulele. We have found these are the items which every ukulele player needs. They come in a nice cotton bag, so you can keep all the items together.


Bundle Includes

Set of Strings: Choice between Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone Sizes
Tuner: ET-37 Digital Tuner
Strap: Bondi Ukuleles Adjustable Strap
Picks: 6x Feltrum Picks
Chord Stamp: Bondi Self Inking Stamp
Cleaning Cloth: Microfibre Compact Cloth
Capo: Deluxe with Spring
Bag: Bondi Cotton Bag
Bookmark: Gold Plated Ukulele Bookmark
Fingerboard Guide: Fingerboard Position Stickers
Skype Lesson: Free 30 Minutes
Songbook: Paper-back Songbook
Videos: 10x Training Videos

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