Step 4: Soprano Ukulele for Kids or Adult

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You have 1 more decision to make. Would you like a kids ukulele or an adult ukulele?

Let me explain. We call them kids or adult ukuleles, which is an easy way to put them into categories. The adult ukes are the natural wood ukuleles, whereas the kids ukes are often painted in bright colours.

Many adult first timers will find a kids ukulele to be the best choice for them. There are also many kids out there who play an "adult" ukulele and it suits them perfectly. There is no wrong decision here, just make a decision based off the appearance you want and also your budget.

Adults generally choose the natural wood colour ukuleles rather than the painted ukuleles.

Kids ukuleles will typically be coloured ukuleles and made from lindenwood. They come in plain colours and also novelty patterns. Kala produce wonderful kids ukuleles, so if you are in doubt, go for a Kala and you will end up with a great ukulele in your hands.