Step 2: Soprano Ukulele Shapes & Styles

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Ok, you have chosen soprano size for your new ukulele, good choice. Lucky for you, we have a bunch of great options in the soprano size.

I'm going to show you the classic shape ukulele and recommend this one to you.

Classic Ukulele Shape

The classic "figure 8" ukulele is the most common shape. Most ukuleles are built with this shape. As the uke has evolved, luthiers have created all types of weird and wonderful ukulele styles. If you are a first-timer, we recommend sticking with the classic shape. There is always time to expand your ukulele collection at a later date! Most people who are reading this should choose this style unless you already own a uke and are looking for something new.

Classic Ukulele Sound Demo

Pineapple Ukuleles

What is this crazy looking instrument? The pineapple ukulele was founded in Hawaii by the Kamaka family in about 1916. You will notice a different tone with the pineapple, it's more mellow compared to the "twang" of the classic shaped ukulele.

Pineapple ukes are mostly made in soprano size, so you get this mix of the usual soprano sound but with a mellow edge to it. I think all serious ukulele players should have a pineapple ukulele in their collection and to be honest, most do!

As a first time though, I would stick with the classic ukulele shape.

Pineapple Ukulele Sound Demo

Still Not Sure?

If you are unsure of which style to pick, then I strongly recommend a classic shape ukulele. You can't go wrong with the classic shape. If you have owned a ukulele before, then you could consider a pineapple ukulele.

Take your time, have another listen to the sound demos. We will discuss the wood types in the next step once you have chosen your shape.