Step 2: Concert Ukulele Shapes & Styles

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Concert is the most versatile ukulele size. For kids, they can grow into it easily. For adults with big hands, they can learn to play with a comfortable sized uke. For those wanting to pump out some solid volume, the concert does that also.

Most concert ukuleles come in the classic "figure 8" ukulele shape. There is very little reason to be looking for a funky instrument in a concert size, these are usually reserved for soprano size. For a top quality lifetime instrument which you can take anywhere, stick with a classic shaped concert ukulele.

Classic Ukulele Shape

The classic "figure 8" ukulele is the most common shape. Most ukuleles are built with this shape. As the uke has evolved, luthiers have created all types of weird and wonderful ukulele styles. If you are a first-timer, we recommend sticking with this classic shape. There is always time to expand your ukulele collection at a later date.

Classic Ukulele Sound Demo

Electric Ukulele

These ukes can be played either acoustically or electrically. Manufacturers will often take a popular acoustic model and install a pickup on it. Of course, the price increases, but for those with an existing amp setup, it can be a nice add-on.

If you don't own an amp already, I would suggest you stick with an acoustic classic ukulele above.

Electric Ukulele Sound Demo

Still Unsure?

The options might seem limited on styles and shapes for concert ukuleles. The big range of options occurs in the next step when it comes to choosing the wood type for a concert ukulele. This is where the real fun begins.

If you are unsure, choose the classic shaped ukulele and take a look at the wood types in the next step and it will all begin to make sense.