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Ukulele Melbourne

UkuleleMate is Melbourne's #1 provider of high quality ukuleles and accessories. For years, we have serviced the Melbourne region and all of country Victoria.

Delivery Times:

Melbourne - 1 to 2 Days
Regional VIC - 1 to 4 Days
Items 1 to 18 of 27 total
Items 1 to 18 of 27 total

Choosing Between Ukulele Shops Melbourne

As a ukulele player, you are spoilt with the number of choices for buying ukuleles in melbourne, learning to play the ukulele, aswell as joining ukulele groups. There are various ukulele shops in Melbourne as well as online ukulele stores who serve the Melbourne and Victoria area. Ukulelemate is a Victoria based ukulele shop, whilst we don’t have a physical store, we are able to deliver all orders to your Melbourne address within 2 days. If this your first time to buy a ukulele, you may want to read this guide for choosing your first ukulele

Ukulele Festival Melbourne

The Ukulele Melbourne scene has been growing fast over the last 10 years and this has resulted in the popularity of the Melbourne Ukulele Festival which takes place in March each year in the best city in Australia. Yes, we are a little bit biased. We also think that Ukulele players from Melbourne also sound that little bit better than the other states!

The Melbourne Ukulele Kollective

These guys are an absolute blast, we highly recommend joining if you are a Ukulele Melbourne player. Formed in 2004, “MUK” was started to help the many ukulele players in Melbourne to play together, meet others, swap tricks and more. They have a monthly meetup where they hold “Open MUK” gigs. If you are feeling brave, you can get up there and take to the stage.

The Weather in Melbourne For Ukuleles

When it comes to weather, Melbourne experiences the 4 seasons. Be sure to keep your uke in a cool dry area if you can. Extreme humidity or extreme dryness in weather can affect your ukulele. Luckily, Melbourne’s weather stays in a safe range for most of the year, so you don’t need to worry too much about your ukulele whilst in Melbourne.

If you are located in Sydney and need a ukulele, check out our Ukulele Sydney page which has all the delivery information.

Delivery Times
NSW Sydney: 3-4 days 2 days
NSW Country: 3-4 days 2 days
VIC Melbourne: 1-2 days 1 day
VIC Country: 2 days 1 day
ACT Canberra: 3-4 days 2 days
ACT Country: 3-4 days 2 days
QLD Brisbane: 4 days 2 days
QLD Far North: 4-6 days 3 days
SA Adelaide: 3 days 2 days
SA Country: 3-6 days 2 days
WA Perth: 5-6 days 3 days
WA Country: 5-7 days 4 days
TAS: 3-4 days 2 days
NT: 6-7 days 4 days


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